What causes mesothelioma?

Internal organs and body cavities are covered by a light tissue membrane called the mesothelium. This coating covers the chest cavity (where it is called the pleura), the heart bag (where it is known as the pericardium) and the abdominal cavity (where it is called the peritoneum).

The mesothelium offer support and protection for the organs and body cavities and provides a source of lubrication to assistance to the function of the organ and health.

Mesothelioma develops in bodies coatings and body cavities, usually in the pleura, the pericardium or peritoneum. In rare cases, the mesothelioma may develop in the wall of the testicles, known as the tunica bacteria.

The exact method by which mesothelioma cases of asbestos is always be studied, but medical professionals provide four different theories:

Asbestos causes irritation and inflammation of the mesothelial, causing irreversible, healing cellular damage cells and finally cancer.
Asbestos fibres enter cells and disrupt the function of cellular structures which are essential for normal cell division causing cellular changes that cause cancer.
Asbestos causes the production of free radicals. These molecules damage DNA and cause cells to mutate and become cancerous.
The presence of asbestos causes cells produce oncoproteins. These molecules cause to ignore the normal cell division restrictions Mesothelial cells and might lead to the development of cancer.
The element that binds together each theory is the fact that asbestos resulted in cellular damage causing cells to lose control over their own cycles of normal division and begin to divide uncontrollably. Healthy cells follow cell division cycles tissues and organs not grows not beyond of normal - size in cancer cells, these restrictions are lost.

In case of mesothelioma, the result is that membranes in the affected location are beginning to thicken, and liquid accumulates in the spaces between the layers of the membrane. Cancer cells continue to divide and stack it on the other, tumors start screen. Uncontrolled division of cancer cells translates the function with impaired the Organization the organs and systems (mainly due to factors such as the internal pressure caused by the growth of tumors and reduction of essential nutrients for bodies). Next Page>>